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  • Executes a new message call immediately, without creating a transaction on the block chain. The hmyv2_call method can be used to query internal contract state, to execute validations coded into a contract or even to test what the effect of a transaction would be without running it live.

    There may be more information in the PHPH1 Class Documentation.


  • Object - Smart contract call object
  • to - String :
    Smart contract address
  • from - String :
    ETH wallet address, optional
  • gas - Number :
    Hexidecimal gas to execute the smart contract call in hex, optional
  • gasPrice - Number :
    Hexidecimal gas price to execute smart contract call, optional
  • value - Number:
    Hexidecimal value sent with the smart contract call, optional
  • data - String:
    Hexidecimal hash of smart contract method and parameters, optional
  • Number - Block Number


  • String:
    Return value of the executed smart contract