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  • Gets the transaction history for the specified ONE wallet address.

    There may be more information in the PHPH1 Class Documentation.


  • Object - Transaction history args
  • address - String:
    Wallet address
  • pageIndex - Number:
    Optional, which page of transactions to return, default 0
  • pageSize - Number:
    Optional, how many transactions to display per page, default 1000
  • fullTx - Bool:
    Optional, return full transaction data or just transaction hashes, default false
  • txType - String:
    Optional, which type of transactions to display ("ALL", "RECEIVED", or "SENT"), default "ALL"
  • order - String:
    Optional, sort transactions in ascending or descending order based on timestamp ("ASC" or "DESC"), default "ASC"


If fullTx is true:

  • Array of Object:
    • blockHash - String:
      Block hash that transaction was finalized. null if the transaction is pending
    • blockNumber - Number:
      Block number that transaction was finalized. null if the transaction is pending
    • from - String:
      Wallet address
    • timestamp - Number:
      Timestamp in Unix time when transaction was finalized
    • gas - Number:
      Gas limit in Atto
    • gasPrice - Number:
      Gas price in Atto
    • hash - String:
      Transaction hash
    • input - String:
      Transaction data, used for smart contracts
    • nonce - Number:
      Wallet nonce for the transaction
    • to - String:
      Wallet address of receiver
    • transactionIndex - Number:
      Index of transaction in block. null if the transaction is pending
    • value - Number:
      Amount transfered in Atto
    • shardID - Number:
      Shard where amount is from
    • toShardID - Number:
      Shard where the amount is sent

If fullTx is false:

  • Array of String:
    List of transaction hashes