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  • Gets a staking transaction details using the transaction block hash.

    There may be more information in the PHPH1 Class Documentation.


  • String:
    Hash (NOT block hash)


  • Object:
  • blockHash - String:
    Block hash in which transaction was finalized
  • blockNumber - Number:
    Block number in which transaction was finalized
  • from - String:
    Sender wallet address
  • timestamp - Number:
    Unix time at which transaction was finalized
  • gas - Number:
    Gas limit of transaction
  • gasPrice - Number:
    Gas price of transaction in Atto
  • hash - String:
    Transaction hash
  • nonce - Number:
    Wallet nonce of transaction
  • transactionIndex - Number:
    Staking transaction index within block
  • type - String:
    Type of staking transaction
  • msg - Object:
    Staking transaction data, depending on the type of staking transaction